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Sunfit Lighting

Granaatstraat 6
7554 TR Hengelo
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)74 2912215 
Fax: +31 (0)74 2915837



Sunfit USA - Distributed by Ultrasun USA

4305 Saguaro Trail
Indianapolis IN 46268
United States of America

Phone.: 1(800) 858-7229
Fax: 1 317-280-7010






Sunfit has introduced:
The Sunfit Collagenic 180Watt lamp!

Sunfit has announced that except for the 120W Collagenic lamp, there is a new type available for skin rejuvenation purposes as well.
The Collagenic 180W lamp!

The 120W as the 180W Collagenic lamps are 190cm in length and both have an effectife life of at least 1.000 hours. Both shine red light at 633 nanometers, which has very positive effects on skin rejuvenation.
For more information about both Collagenic lamps, you can contact our Sunfit sales department. 



Sunfit has introduced:
The Sunfit WIRELESS Management System!

  • New and exclusively developed
  • Designed for wide-range use
  • Sunfit, a symbol of quality

To read more about the Sunfit Wireless Management System, visit our accessories page!